Above all, the Groves Center is about research. We have a number of projects underway, in various states of maturity. Click on the navigation links to the left for more information.

The Westminster Leningrad Codex is the oldest project (first released in 1987) and is the most mature. It is the most accurate electronic representation generally available, and is commonly used by Bible software and on the web.

The Westminster Hebrew Morphology is a database that analyzes all 432,594 “words” or morphemes in the Hebrew Bible (that’s the count for our latest release), giving each one a label for its part of speech (noun or verb, etc.), its dictionary form (or “lemma”) and more. It has been actively and aggressively maintained and developed since 1991.

The Westminster Hebrew Syntax is a new database project that has been in development for the past five years, and is nearly ready for distribution. Syntax is the analysis of whole thoughts, clauses, and their parts, phrases. Syntax, far more than the study of individual words, is the study of the meaning of the text.