The web site http:///, maintained by Mr. Christopher V. Kimball, allows users to view any verse or range of verses in the Westminster Leningrad Codex, which is the electronic text of the Hebrew Bible maintained by the Groves Center.  (The Westminster Leningrad Codex, or “WLC”, is an electronic representation of the world’s oldest complete Hebrew Bible, the so-called “Leningrad Codex”, which was written about one thousand years ago.)  The WLC is a transliterated text, with the letter “B” standing for the Hebrew letter “Beth”, “G” for “Gimmel”, etc., but the text on Mr. Kimball’s web site is in well-formed Unicode Hebrew text.  Textual notes, which are found in the WLC with a “]” right bracket note and a letter or numeral, are found as superscript Latin letters and numerals on  The WLC documentation (produced by the Groves Center) is also available on that site.