MRI today

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I had an MRI of my brain today. Thankfully claustrophobia was held in check (I even opened my eyes!) The music of choice today was classical, so I had the Brandenberg Concerto #1 competing with the banging and pinging noises of the MRI machine. A little jarring, but it did the trick and distracted me from the claustrophobia.

The MRI was for the purpose of verifying the effectiveness of the gamma-kinfe procedure and to scan for new tumors in the brain.

 I meet with the neurologist on Wednesday and he will analyze the films and give a report at that point. So I should have somthing to report by late afternoon on Wednesday.

While I have been having headaches (they are likely a result of the steriods I have been taking and trying to wean off), we don’t expect anything at the moment.

Not much else to report other than continuing to feel better othewise. And peaceful days filled with family time.

Blesssings, Al

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  1. Suzanne Leahy said,

    August 22, 2006 at 5:31 am

    “Not much else to report…” is a wonderful thing! Thinking of you (all) and thanking God for all of His goodness, Suzanne Leahy

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