MRI result and biopsy

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Dear Friends and Family,
It’s Libbie writing this time, since Al has a few more things to do this evening and we’re hoping to get to bed soon. I’ll keep it brief.

Al had his biopsy today, and all went smoothly. He really had no discomfort and even now is feeling pretty good after sleeping several hours this afternoon—thank you for your prayers! We don’t know exactly when we’ll have results; maybe Monday-ish. When we do, we’ll let you know.

Also, the MRI of Al’s brain came back clear. This is good news. Borrowing a quip from a friend, Al likes to say (with a grin) that, “They scanned my brain and found nothing there.”

By way of update I should also tell you that our trip to Amsterdam was very, very good. Thank you for praying for that too. The Lord worked out all the travel details with amazing smoothness, especially on such short notice, so that everything came off without a hitch. It was so good to be able to be with our friends at this sad time and to share their grief, remember stories of Lies, laugh, cry, pray and mourn together in the hope of the resurrection. We were sooooo thankful to be able to go together! What a blessing that was. And our kids were well taken care of here, which made it easier for us to be away. Thank you to all of you who helped out in many ways with the whole thing. The wonderful friend we stayed with even arranged to borrow bikes for us, so Sunday we biked about 30 miles through Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside—to church and back, and then along one of our favorite rides in all of Holland. Ahhhhh….so beautiful! (Although I have to admit that after not biking for the past three years I was terrifically saddle-sore by the last couple of miles.) Friday night I managed to lock our hostess out of her apartment late at night, and she had to go to the police to call us to get back in. Not too smart, I’m afraid…

So, thank you all for praying for us. We feel tremendously surrounded by the love of the God through you all. He is giving us great peace and trust in him in answer to your prayers.

Thanks for loving us,
Libbie (for the Groves)

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