On the way to Amsterdam

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Dear praying friends and family,

A real quick note before we head out to Amsterdam this afternoon. First, thanks again for all the encouragement and prayer. God is using it mightily in our lives.

PRIMARY PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for our children while we are away. This is a difficult time and our being away makes it more difficult. To those of you who are at New Life Glenside, if you wouldn’t mind giving our kids, especially Alden, a hug, we’d be grateful. The difference between 14 year old girls and 12 year old boys when it comes to knowing how to comfort a friend and talk about hard things is noteworthy. So Alden hears through us that people are praying for us, but it would encourage him to hear it straight from others too. Thank you!

1. God’s hand has been evident—we are able to go to Amsterdam! Providentially on Tuesday morning the pulmonary specialist had a cancellation so I went in for my consult in preparation for the biopsy. Then tickets were still available (at a reasonable price) for a Thursday to Monday trip to Amsterdam. Someone has helped us with the airfare. Someone else has stepped in to help us with the children. We have a place to stay (in fact more than one if we need it). The flight times are good, especially on the return (i.e., not crack of dawn arrival at the airport on the way back.)

2. My biopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 8:30am. It’s a “needle” biopsy done in conjunction with a CAT scan. I will need to be at the hospital most of the day. Not sure when results will be in, so we will let you know the first moment we know anything. There is something to note here: Even if the initial biopsy comes clean both the oncologist and the pulmonary specialist independently indicated the same thought—they will continue to test until all possible tests come back negative. That is, a needle biopsy may give a false negative. So, until cancer is definitively identified, I will undergo testing (PET scan and then surgery to do a fuller biopsy). If all these come back clean, then the verdict would be it is something else. At the moment I don’t sense anyone expecting this. But God is able to imagine more than doctors!

3. How Motown muted my madness: Claustrophobia is one of my great challenges in life. So, when I had an MRI of the brain yesterday, which involves having my body inserted into a tiny space for the process, I felt a real clutch of fear, even though I had my eyes closed (I could still feel the closeness of the walls, etc.) They provide you with music, and the radio was tuned to Motown. I”d asked about classical, but apparently Motown was what the Lord had in mind as the answer to my prayer… 35 minutes later I emerged sane to tell the tale.

Well, this turned out longer than I expected!

Next week I will only be in town Tuesday and Wednesday. So I may not get much emailing done. Let me rephrase that: I almost certainly will not get much emailing done!

God is sovereign. And he is good. This is great comfort.

Blessings, Al

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