Chemo Starting Again

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I am beginning my second round of chemo tonight (it’s oral and done at bedtime). It will last for five days, as it did at the end of February. Covet your prayers that there would be no nausea. [This more traditional chemo therapy and different from the targeted molecular therapy which I have been having the side-effects.)

Also, could you pray for my friend (and former student), Greg Hewlett? His website is accessible on the right. He has fought cancer off and on since high school. In the last three years he has battled tumors in various places. Today he had a biopsy for nodules in his lungs. His faith and courage (and sense of humor) have been a beacon for me.

Blessings, Al


  1. John Mahaffy said,

    April 1, 2006 at 9:58 am

    Dear Dr. Groves,

    You’re too young to have been one of my teachers at WTS, but Dr. Gaffin mentioned your diagnosis the last time I saw him. Your blog is a blessing. Be assured of my continued prayers for you, Libby, and your family.

    Your March 21 blog about the 23rd Psalm brought back some Oklahoma memories–my first pastorate was in Tulsa in the early ’70s. But it also brought to mind one of my favorite quotes from G. Vos (I assume you’ve heard of him!):
    “Let us thank God that, when we ourselves enter into the valley of the shadow of death, we have infinitely more than a promise to stay our hearts upon, that ours is the fulfilment of the promise, the fact of the resurrection, the risen Lord himself present with rod and staff beside us.” (“Rabboni!” in _Grace and Glory_, p. 68).

    May his grace sustain you.

    Cordially in Christ,


  2. Berta Monteiro said,

    October 24, 2006 at 11:17 am

    Hi Dr. Groves,

    I don’t believe in chemo – period. I think that the best way the body can defend against any cancer is to improve one’s immune system. I have not known anyone who has taken chemo who has eventually not died eventually – and usually a painfull death.

    Increase your intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals – naturally. Get plenty of sunshine, as vitamin D is known to retard the growth of tumors of any type. If you can’t get enough sunshine where you live, take vitamin D supplements, or take cod liver oil.

    Good luck.

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