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God setting our feet on a rock (Psa 40:3) is a great promise in the Psalms of God bringing stability and security into our lives, a promise of his providential care. In the past this has been a most powerful image of encouragement to me. Two weeks ago, however, my feet were so painful that the thought of setting them on any kind of rock was not a pleasant picture! It’s funny how our circumstances can affect how we think about metaphors and images! (The hope of God as rock and refuge is not changed by my perceptions or circumstances, however!)

Here’s an update on my “hand-and-foot” side-effect to the targeted molecular therapy drug: Currently my feet and fingers have worsened slightly with each passing day, though nothing as dramatic as last time around. Not yet. This morning I felt hot spots in places on my feet, even though there isn’t much redness yet. My fingers showed more redness; one even shows the beginning of a blister. So, at my appointment with my doctor today, she told me to stop the drug. Again. Then we can restart in a few days at a reduced dosage, after the drug has cleared a bit out of my system. This is pretty standard protocol with this drug—try it once, twice, then a reduced dosage.

Today I have been more on my feet and walking around. Interestingly enough as I came to the end of the day, my feet actually felt better than they had at the beginning of the day. My fingers, too. (Yesterday I couldn’t twist the top off a water bottle without the ridges on the cap causing pain). Seems counter-intuitive. God answering prayer?

Anyway, I decided to take the drug again this evening and see what tomorrow brings. We’ll see. The doctor isn’t sure what impact a reduced dosage will have. They just don’t know what this drug can do at this point.

So, a simple prayer request: That it will be clear whether or not to continue the drug at this dosage. (Even as I write I can now feel the heat returning to my feet, so the answer may be clear—reduced dosage!)

A note of praise: The headaches are mostly gone. I think it was related to the virus.

Thanks for your prayers!

Also, remember Libbie who is going to give the Novocain a second whirl on Wednesday.

John 15 was where I spent my devotional time today—apart from him we can do nothing; abiding in him and he in us, he will do all things. A great encouragement and a wonderful place to rest—in him.

Blessings, Al


  1. Sam Sutter said,

    March 28, 2006 at 11:59 pm

    It was encouraging (and an answer to prayer) to see you walking around campus today. My dad wanted me to pass along that you were in his prayers.

  2. Stafford Carson said,

    March 29, 2006 at 3:58 am


    I’m due to preach on Psalm 26 on Sunday evening and the last verse seems to be very important: “My feet stand on level ground.” People keep slipping, don’t they? That’s why they need pastors! And I am in danger of slipping if my feet don’t stand on level ground. It seems like the level ground that the psalmist has in mind is to be found in God’s presence. Any thoughts you might have to help this struggling and slipping pastor will be much appreciated. I’m praying for your feet…and for level ground!

  3. Bill Wilson said,

    March 29, 2006 at 1:01 pm

    Dear Al & Libbie,

    Thank you for keeping us up to date.Bea and I have our daily devotions in the mornings around the table.You all are on our list now.
    Do you remember Frank Barker’s admonition to answer someones request for prayer on the spot.I have tried to practice this and people seem to appreciate it.
    I am much impressed by the big bang theory of creation from a Christian point of view along with a mild fromework hyoithis.If the LORD did bring about creation in this way,think about it.He would have created this enormus amount of energy protons and neutrons and light and controlled it in nano
    seconds and for fifteen or twenty billion years created creation and all in it.Now if the LORD is this powerful giving us a remission from your melanoma is surely
    in the ball park.We are praying for such a remission.That woould be ok.
    I am enjoying the comforted by Rom,5;10.Our reconciliation by Christ,s death AND our present salvation by His life.
    May the Lord bless you all.

    Yours in Christ,


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