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Thought I’d write about some recent happy events this time.

Monday was Alden’s 14th birthday, and we had a good time celebrating it. Now we are all looking forward to watching a couple movies he got for his birthday. Last night his youth group small group leader got a birthday cake for him that the boys all shared at their Bible study.
Alden's Birthday
Alden’s Birthday

Eowyn finally turned in her last term paper after two v-e-r-y short nights of sleep. Hurray!

Last night Eowyn went to a prom with a friend from church (nothing romantic between them–just friends who like to have a good time, which I think is by far the best way to go to a prom). It was great fun taking pictures–first here at the house with just Eowyn and Mitch (who looked as dashing and classy as James Bond), then at a nearby park with four seniors from church and their dates, then at a different park with 24 kids, all dressed to the nines. Becky and I tagged along for the whole thing, and it was a blast. Plus, the young man who invited Eowyn is the son of our dear friends (and Al’s colleague and brother-in-arms in the Old Testament Department) Doug and Rose Green, so it was really fun to do all the picture-taking parents-of-the-dates things together with them. Al would have enjoyed the evening so much and been so proud of his lovely daughter.



Titanic, anyone?

The name is Bond. James Bond.

When these special events come along, we miss Al even more. It would be neither right, nor healthy, nor helpful to pretend otherwise. But we just make a choice to set that sadness in the background, to place the happiness of the events in the foreground, front and center, and to enjoy them wholeheartedly.
[This should be a new paragraph, but I can’t get the program to let me enter a space, no matter what I try!] And lastly, completely unrelated to us, here is a link to a performance that is pretty amazing.
Two notes, however:

1. Make sure you have sound on your computer and that it’s on. Without sound it’s just a very good juggler performing. With sound, it’s astounding.

2. I have never been to the website that this performance is located on, but I’m told it contains some less than edifying material. This link, however, should take you directly to the juggling show.




  1. Kathy Peat said,

    June 7, 2007 at 12:58 am

    Oh Libbie, I can’t get over how like you Eowyn is and how like Doug Mitch is!What lovely photos! After her exams Rachel will also be going to her school prom – an American import of course, complete with limos and ballgowns! Belated birthday wishes to Alden……though he doesn’t actually know us! Lots of love Kathy and family

  2. George and Julie Kong said,

    June 7, 2007 at 2:18 am

    hi groves’ –

    david and i got to see that juggler perform that piece at a magicians’ convention in las vegas, in the middle of an evening of magic performances. the emcee noted, dryly: “we’re a magicians’ convention, and it’s the juggler that gets the standing ovation.” 🙂

    congrats to eowyn and happy birthday to alden!

    – george

  3. Rene Jaeschke said,

    June 7, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Dear Libbie, I check the blog now and then to find out how you are doing. Seeing the photos of Eowyn and Mitch made me feel VERY THANKFUL TO GOD. One of my last memories of WTS was “the parking lot sale” that we international students held at the seminary to sell some belongings before we headed home. Like many of the couples, we had come to WTS childless and some of us had experienced disappointments along the way to getting a family started during our seminary years. On the day of the “parking lot sale” our 18-month-old Philipp was running around with other seminary toddlers playing with all of the bulky toys that had to be sold. And then Rosemarie Green joined us…after yet another miscarriage…we were all sad and speechless, unable to find words at that moment to comfort Rosemarie. I THANK GOD FOR MITCH!!!

    Thank you for some happy photos…

    When you see Doug, tell him that from time to time, Wolf Christian and I make use of a phrase that we once heard him say to Rosemarie, “Be discreet, dear!”. It really comes in handy when we feel that the other is about to reveal something that should remain private.

    May you and your family continue to experience God’s loving care and presence.


  4. Allie Stryd said,

    June 8, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    i concur, eowyn is the spitting image of you, libbie! and mitch, doug. wow! what great pics, they leave me speechless. congrats to eowyn and alden on these fun occasions. hoping alasdair’s arm is healing…
    much love,
    allie s.

  5. Esther said,

    June 12, 2007 at 8:23 pm

    Hey Libbie and fam,

    I visit here on odd evenings to see what is new and I am always so encouraged by you guys. Your recent blog about the retreat at Harvey Cedars made me so teary because so many of my own memories of you all (well mostly of Alasdair and Becky as little kids!) there too. When we get to heaven I hope God has some version of Harvey Cedars complete with the group bunk rooms and shared showers and dining hall style meals for us all to laugh and hang out in together.

    Eowyn – you looked beautiful. Some day I hope we can re-meet since you probably don’t remember me considering you were busy being born 🙂

    Keep blogging, it’s always a joy to read your insights.
    -Esther (Lawrence) Baird

  6. Fred said,

    June 19, 2007 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for the great pix, Libbie.

    I have often pondered, and even dared preach on, two proverbs (14.10, 13), which seem to sum up your determination to rejoice in sorrow, which also reminds me of Sam, who (having just removed the Ring) sings that sweet song that came from he knew not where:

    In Western lands beneath the sun,
    The flowers may bloom in spring,

    which also reminds me of the old hymn that I first heard sung by Enya, “How Can I Keep from Singing?”.

    Hope in sorrow, one candle in a dark and dank cell, joy in light, defiance, submission, trust. Seeing the darkness, yet also seeing the lone star through the clouds (LOTR again!).

    Pieper says that the priority of prudence among the cardinal virtues determines the entire Christian metaphysic: our willingness and ability to recognize and accept what is as what is true is the only valid basis for living well. Being –> Truth –> Goodness.

    Your posts encourage us all that you and your family are on this path as well.

    The peace of Christ.


  7. Tom Kulp said,

    June 20, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    Greetings Groves,

    Thanks so much for continuing to post!! The pictures are great. Thanks for being such an encouragement!!!

    Tom Kulp

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