First Day Back

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Thank you for praying for Eowyn and Alden today. They both found that the first day back to school was hard but bearable. We are grateful for your support and for the Lord’s presence and help!



  1. V. Kerry Inman said,

    February 20, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    Today I attended my course in “History of the Hebrew Language” at the University of Pennsylvania. The class was partially about tools for the study of the Hebrew Bible. When we came to the matter of electronic tools, the professor, Dr. Gary Rendsberg, said that we needed to pause a minute to pay tribute to someone who passed away last week. He then told how much the academic community owed to Al Groves who put the Hebrew Bible on the computer. The name “J. Alan Groves” is well known in academic circles around the world. His obituary was posted on, among others, the web site of the Society for Biblical Literature, his name appears among the acknowledgments in the Jewish Publication Society’s Hebrew and English Bible for proof reading it, and a scholar from Israel contacted Penn to try and get his family’s e-mail address. He will be missed, but he is all ready being remembered by other scholars for his “positive outlook” and for “never feeling sorry for himself.”

  2. Nick Clark said,

    February 21, 2007 at 1:30 pm


    I will continue to be praying for you and your children. One thing I know is that the peace that passes understanding will pursue you and your family!

    I was a freshman in high school when my father died of cancer, and while your family has a much differnet outlook because of your husbands relationship with Christ I can relate in a very real way what it is like to walk the halls of school at a time like this.

    Keep your focus on the Lord and like you said He will continue to strengthen you.

    By the way I love your vivid picture of wearing shorts and a tee shirt! There is no way I can ever forget that, cause I’m wearing shorts right now.

    Grace and Peace
    -Nick Clark

  3. Thomas and Rena Mak said,

    February 21, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    We did and will continue to remember all of you in prayer. Trust in the Lord for He is good, always!

  4. Allie Stryd said,

    February 22, 2007 at 7:47 am

    Hey guys, Just wanted you to know we are still praying. I can’t really imagine how hard that was and is for you to go back to school. We love you.

  5. Julie Kong said,

    February 22, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    Dear Libbie,
    It’s so good to hear from you again. We were praying for your time away last week and for Eowyn and Alden especially as they’re back in school. I’m still reflecting on your analogy of the ordinary person in T-shirt and shorts …. basking on the warm, balmy beach.
    Love to all of you as you put one foot in front of the other-

  6. John & Heidi Shane said,

    February 22, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    We too continue in prayer for your family. I walked the windower walk back in 1992 and it is truly wonderful to have such a community surrounding you at this time.

    All things point to His glory.

  7. Dianne said,

    February 22, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    Hi Libbie,

    We pray for you and the family very day.
    Maybe it would help if you keep a journal and write letters to Al when you feel like talking to him.


  8. Donna Jennings García said,

    February 24, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    Libbie and fam… you guys are on my mind a lot! I miss you and Philadelphia, miss the church fellowship. We are still praying for you here. I love you.

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