More of God’s protection…

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Yesteday the Lord protected Al from being run over in the middle of Limekiln Pike (see entry below if that is news to you). Today Becky hit a patch of ice on the way to work, banged into the curb and broke a tie rod on her car. But thankfully she was going very slowly, and thankfully she slid to the right, not the left, so she didn’t hit any other cars. The mechanic said that as such accidents go, the damage was about as minimal as possible. Another example of God’s protection as he watches over us. Thank you, Lord!

Al’s parents are on their way here from Florida for a visit, and tomorrow one of our nephews will also join us from California. Looking forward to a great weekend. Too bad the unseasonably warm weather left before their arrival…

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  1. Meenu said,

    January 20, 2007 at 7:30 am

    Libbie–when I see God’s protection in my life, I marvel at it too. Like the time I spun around 360 and crashed into a concrete median on the highway and came out with only a scratch on my arm. My car was totaled (the roof had buckled) but thankfully no one was hurt! I was so relieved that I had not hit anyone, especially the woman directly behind me who had a six week old baby in the car! It makes me wonder about all the times where I am unaware of His protection…

    Tell Becky to continue to drive slowly on icy roads even if there are people behind her that may want her to do otherwise. I remember driving from Willow Grove to King of Prussia during those ice storms in the mid-90’s and thinking that I was going to die before I got to work and why didn’t I just stay home?! But, all those experiences have helped me every winter!

    Yes, your nephew will be feeling the cold much more than the rest of us. (When Ed lived in California, his roommates used to complain about the cold as soon as it got below 70!) But, the warmth and love of your family is sure to warm him up!

    We continue to think of you all often and be inspired by your love and devotion to eachother and our Heavenly Father.


    PS–I’m not sure if my post is long enough?

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