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Al took a fall today. It was because he tried to run a short distance, and apparently his equilibrium and coordination, which are okay for walking, aren’t up to running. He hit hard, scraping his chin, hands, and knees, but taking the brunt of the fall on his abdomen. In fact he landed so hard that at first he wondered if he had broken a rib, though that turned out not to be the case.

The complicating factor was that he was crossing a busy street when he fell. The fall was so sudden and the impact so forceful that he ended up sprawled in the middle of the street, stunned. Thankfully there was a big enough gap in the traffic that he hadn’t actually needed to run, which meant that the oncoming cars had plenty of time to slow down and stop before they reached him. (We are thankful for that!!) He couldn’t get up, even to his hands and knees, but he slowly army crawled to the far curb, and a passing driver stopped and helped him get to his feet.

I had offered to drive Al the two blocks to the restaurant where he was meeting a friend for breakfast, but he insisted that he’d be fine, and we were both confident that he would be. (Probably he would have been if he hadn’t tried to run.) Lesson learned. Running is now off the menu. I guess Al is still getting used to his new body. It may encourage you to know, however, that once he regained his composure and balance, he continued on to the restaurant and proceeded to eat breakfast!

In recent days Al has been feeling increasingly uncomfortable in his abdomen—top to bottom and front to back—and falling hard on his gut made that distinctly worse. He felt pretty poor by the time he got back home (driven by the friend), and he still feels a little shaken up by the incident. Even before this we had been taking a wait and see attitude to determine if the lousy way he’s been feeling is a temporary thing, or if it’s the result of decreasing the steroids, or if it represents a progression of the cancer and a more permanent downturn in Al’s health. That question still remains to be answered. But I thought I’d let you know about today’s event.

God is good and is sustaining us all well. Just tonight as I was washing dishes before Alden’s band concert I was singing along with some worship music and marveling at God’s amazing kindness to us in making us his children. What a staggering privilege. And to have eternity with him to look forward to is only one of the incredible blessings that goes along with being his. I’m awfully thankful.

Love to all,



  1. John said,

    January 19, 2007 at 1:13 am

    Al and Libbie (et al.),

    the Resurrection is real. You have no idea how much your journey is reinforcing that fact, that reality, for me.

    many blessings and many prayers,

    an old friend,


  2. Craig Higgins said,

    January 19, 2007 at 10:34 am

    So thankful that Al was not seriously hurt. And so thankful for you both, and for this blog, which both breaks my heart and fills me with hope.

  3. Judy Parnell said,

    January 19, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    Dear Al & Libbie,
    Just came home for lunch and thought I’d see if anything was new from the Groves’. You both continue to amaze me but I know that it is God working in and through you but we are being so blessed by you. As I read and saw that Al continued on to have breakfast with his friend (I would have probably forgotten it all and gone back home!) I just grinned, because we all know that Al would be thinking about that friend waiting to have breakfast instead of what just happened to him. And Libbie, after a day like that, you took the time at the end of the day to share with us what you both had experienced yesterday. Thank you again. Continuing to pray for all of you.

    With love,
    Ray & Judy

  4. Arline McKeever said,

    January 20, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    We didn’t know about Al’s accident. It was a miracle he wasn’t more seriously hurt. The cars run so fast on those streets. He really didn’t need that to happen, but he really handled it well. I’d be so shook up I don’t know if I could eat breakfast, but maybe that is what he needed. You are all still in our prayers. Love

  5. Sally Cummings said,

    January 24, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    As John said, you have no idea how much your journey reinforces the fact of the Resurrection for us…..for me! Thank you for sharing so deeply and giving us so many specifics for prayer and praise.

    With love and hugs to you all,


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