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Greetings on a beautiful, sunny Sunday.

Just wanted to let you know how Al’s doing. He has been having better and worse days in terms of general malaise–uncomfortable stomach, unease in breathing, feeling achey, etc.–but even the bad days are not terrible. Yesterday he was able to go to Alden’s first soccer mobile game of the season and even to walk up and down the sidelines some when he wasn’t sitting down. One concern is that the clot in his left leg seems to be getting more painful rather than less so, somewhat compromising his walking again. So we’re trying out various things that might help.

On the bright side, one our friends from Amsterdam came to visit us this weekend. Harmen is the older son of our very dear friends the Talstras. (You may remember that Al and I went to Amsterdam back in January for the funeral of a friend. That was Harmen’s mother, Lies. Al’s friendship with his father, Eep, has been one of Al’s most treasured blessings of the last 20 years.) Harmen was in Philly to give a presentation at an engineering conference and then came and stayed with us from Thursday until this morning. It was great to see him. On Friday 15 of us got together for a delicious Indonesian dinner at our house, cooked entirely by some of the guests! Talk about feeling spoiled. That’s the easy way to give a party–have someone else do all the cooking.

So we move along from day to day. Al is starting to feel and sound like the apostle John. In John’s old age the vast truth of what God had done in Christ seemed to sort of clarify and boil down to the simple importance of love–God’s amazing love for people and the supreme call to love each other. I guess it’s not surprising that there would be something about the approach of death to sharpen one’s vision and give a clearer perspective on truth and reality. We are benefitting from the fruit of that gift to Al.

Lots of other little stuff I could report, but I’ll leave it there.

May you enjoy the rich blessings of the resurrection, which we celebrate every Sunday, as Al always reminds us.



  1. Ted Newell said,

    September 17, 2006 at 3:46 pm

    I thought of Al today and had not heard since the Spring report. I am encouraged to see your faith and trust in the
    Lord Jesus as I read these words, Al, and Libbie. Pray keep the faith.
    I will be holding up your arms in prayer as you minister to us, brother
    and sister.

  2. Judy Parnell said,

    September 17, 2006 at 10:10 pm

    Dear Libbie,
    Thanks for telling us the small stuff and for just letting us walk with you.
    Please give Al a hug for us.
    We love you both.
    Ray & Judy

  3. Donna Jennings García said,

    September 18, 2006 at 4:41 pm

    I love you guys! I appreciate you sharing your lives with us. May God continue to fill you with hope… Donna

  4. Laurie Hartman said,

    September 18, 2006 at 5:05 pm

    Amen and amen. I have a friend who was fond of the old saying, “The only thing you can take to heaven is other people.” May you continue to love with the perspective of eternity. – Love you! – Laurie

  5. Jennifer White said,

    September 18, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    I love you both so much. What a rich and right time to experience His tender mercies and cherished friends. We are now living in Pa…only 2 hours away. Can I bring you a meal? What’s your favorite Al? Libby? Will they let you eat Chex Mix? I’ve got this great recipe for corn bread I could make too.

  6. Craig Combs said,

    September 19, 2006 at 10:52 am

    Dear Al,
    I don’t have anything new to say.
    I am sitting here at my computer praying for you, and I am weeping. But I am not feeling sorry for you; I am not even feeling sorry for me; I am just experiencing that hard-to-put-your-finger-on blend of joy and sorrow that goes with life in the ‘now and not yet’ — we can see the resurrection in the distance, and can know the power of it in our lives (if only too little); but today we groan.
    I asked the Lord this morning that I may face death the way you are facing it, whenever my appointed time may come. And I pray he make me eager for it in the RIGHT way (ready to see his glory revealed) and not in the WRONG way (hoping to bail out of the pain instead of persevering through it).
    You and your family are encouraging me.
    I love you with the love of Jesus.

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