Biopsy Results

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Dear Friends and Family,

Well, it’s been an interesting day so far. We had adventures getting down to Penn for our appointment with the oncologist (traffic was so bad that finally I got out of the car, ran the last many blocks and beat Libbie by 20 minutes!).

While we were there, a call to Abington revealed that the biopsy results were available, and apparently the tumors in my lungs are indeed melanoma.

The oncologist laid out various treatment options and recommended one that involves a combination of chemo and “molecularly targeted” treatment, both taken orally and both with only relatively light side effects. Strides have been made recently in melanoma treatment (the one she is recommending being one of them), but she was honest about the fact that there is no cure; there are only ways to try to extend life expectancy. She had one patient with lung melanoma who lived 10 years, but a typical span is more like 1-2 years. (Some aggressive melanomas can give you only 6 weeks, but she does not see any indication at all of that in my case.) Once she reviews blood work, etc., we may begin treatment this week or next.

This has been sobering news, but not unexpected. I will not hide that there have been tears today; still our hope remains in his unfailing love (Ps. 147:11). We continue to find rest in his mercy and grace. Your encouragement and prayer has meant the world to us.

We will continue to keep you posted. Your prayer for our children is much appreciated.

Blessings, Al and Libbie for all the Groves

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