Westminster Hebrew Institute renamed in honor of Professor J. Alan Groves

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This is a news update from the Westminster website that I (the blog administrator) thought many of you might be interested in:

12/12/06–With great honor and deep appreciation for Professor of Old Testament J. Alan Groves, the faculty and board of Westminster Theological Seminary have renamed the Westminster Hebrew Institute the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research. Professor Groves is to be presented with the honor at a ceremony on December 15. He is executive director of the Center, which was established under his leadership in 1986. The mission of the Center is to apply computing and related technology to the study and teaching of the Hebrew Bible and language. Their most recent project is a collaboration with the Asia Bible Society on the Chinese Standard Bible, a fresh translation of the Bible into Mandarin Chinese.

Many of us are blessed by the fruit of Al’s labors in establishing and leading the Center. Hebrew study has never been the same, and translators have incredible tools to help bring the Word of God to people in their own language. This is a fitting honor for the man who has taught us so much. We hope this is yet another way we can say to Al, “God has used you and you have blessed us!”


Happy Birthday

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Al is 54 today!

Back in January and February when we first learned about Al’s melanoma, we never expected that he would still be with us to celebrate this day.

Join us in rejoicing!!



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Back again with a little time to fill in a picture of our life over the past few weeks.

Several things have come to a close: Aldenís soccer season is over (they finished first in their division, which is great for a newly formed team), our familyís very last science fair project ever was completed and duly delivered to school last Monday (we are pooling ideas for how best to celebrate; so far the only definite thing is that there will be lots of French fries involvedÖ), and the Lord enabled me to spend all of Monday Christmas shopping, so that by late Monday night it was 90% done (amazing!). Read the rest of this entry »


A beginning…

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Well, by now itís been so long since I wrote anything on the blog that I have way too much to write. So, knowing that Iíll never come up with enough time to write it all at a sitting (and who would want to read that long an epistle anyway?), Iíve decided to try to take one chunk at a time and see if I can get things written that way. Today Iíll start with Alís medical condition, since thatís probably what is of most interest to most people. Read the rest of this entry »



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From the Blog Administrator:


In the last hour, the 50,000th visitor came to this blog to check out how Al, Libbie and the family are doing. I mention this not to just be excited about a tally in the internet world, but because those numbers are an indication of the incredible relationships that Al and Libbie have developed and nurtured over the years. And those relationships cover the globe. We can see visitors from just about every continent (no penguins checking in yet).

Thanks to all of you for visiting the blog, for leaving comments, for praying and encouraging. Every one of you is important. And thanks also to Al and Libbie for being willing to be transparent and candid and allow so many to feel like they (we) are a part of their journey. Thanks also to Alasdair (& Lauren), Rebeckah, Eowyn and Alden for sharing your parents with us.

Please continue to visit and leave comments. Thanks for all the love you have sent (and will continue to send) to the Groves family.



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Hey, I’m sorry it’s been forever since I/we wrote anything here. Just wanted to let you know that both Al and I are hoping to post something soon. (Then again, I’ve been meaning to for days and days now and haven’t succeeded. Probably Al will beat me to it…)

Thanks for hanging in there with us!