Update July 23

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Our apologies for being tardy with an update! I wrote something mid-week last week, but then we had a power-outage at Westminster, where the blogsite is hosted, and I never was able to finalize it. Then, directly after my Friday appointment with our oncologist, we went away to the New Jersey shore for the weekend. Forgive me for not being more timely!

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From Alden

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Well I was told that people were interested in hearing from my sister and me, so I decided to write in. My sister has already written in, but I just thought Iíd let you know how Iím feeling. I havenít read my sisterís entry, so sorry if I repeat.

Way back in January, I was told by my parents that my Dad had gone for his routine x-ray, and the doctors had found two ďspotsĒ on his lungs. Less than a month later, we discovered as weíd somewhat been expecting, that they were in fact melanoma. We gradually gained information about it, and I became more and more nervous about it. Normally I am not an emotional person, and Iím pretty laid-back, but my dadís whole situation really made me express some of my emotions. Often my emotions would stay pent up inside me, but sometimes I would let them out. My dadís always struggled with fibromyalgia, but itís still difficult to see him in pain so often.
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From Eowyn

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All right, Iím writing in because I have been informed that some people would be interested in knowing how the younger members of the Groves family are holding up with this situation God has put in our lives. So I (Eowyn) will try to put into words how life has been, and what Iíve been feeling.

Weíre all going to die someday. However, it still came as a shock when, back in January and February, we found out ďfor sureĒ that my dad is going to die. Over the past 6 months, Iíve been realizing that the day we will die doesnít change. My dadís cancer simply gives us a better idea as to when the Lord is going to take my dad to be with Him. God is more powerful than the cancer. Though the cancer seems to be controlling my dadís ability to live, I take comfort in knowing that the cancer is just part of Godís plan. Just like He also has a plan for you, and for me. Read the rest of this entry »

How we are doing and Psalm 23

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Many people have asked, ďHow are you doing?Ē and I have been wanting for some time now to write an answer to that question.

Throughout this experience since January there have been times when the grief has been intense and other times when things have seemed relatively peaceful. An example of the former is the weekend that Al was in the hospital with a blood clot (which was very painful), then learned he could be released in time for a very special wedding (which was wonderful!) only because they had discovered a mass in his brain (which signified the spread of the cancer and possible awful results) and therefore couldnít treat him with blood thinners (which meant enduring the pain for longer), at the same time that other members of the family were going through various sorts of crises (which were emotionally draining for everybody). Another happened the day of Alís Gamma Knife procedure. We learned that same day that a friend of ours had had a serious heart attack and that his (the friend’s) long-term survival looked unlikely, and that Beckyís summer job had fallen through. Also, one of our kids was weighed down by the knowledge that the leukemia of one of their teenage friends was not responding to treatment. At such times we just had to hold on to God and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Read the rest of this entry »


Catching up on July 4

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I have been much encouraged by responses and thoughts from so many to our recent blog post. Thank you all.

Weíve been busy with our children moving back into the area this past week. Personally I have been mostly a couch potato, watching the moving activities, trying not to give too much advice, and providing what little bit of coordination I could provide by being in one spot while people mustered to move our children into two different dwellings on the same day. The Lord’s goodness in providing for our children has been a great encouragement–for example, Westminster closed a dormitory this past week, and the furniture in the dorm was for the taking, so Becky was able to furnish an unfurnished apartment in basically one stop. God provides! Read the rest of this entry »