Wish You Were Here!!

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This came as a postcard from the mother of the family that Alden is staying with
in Spain. Pretty cool, huh?


Photos from the Eagles’ Eyrie

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Here’s a look at life in the Groves’ family Eagles’ Eyrie this past weekend.

“Hair” today, gone tomorrow. Al and Alden (before hair loss)

Al and Alden sporting a new style.

Al and Alasdair – like father, like son. Bald is beautiful.

Getting ready for the big game. The white part of Alasdair’s head is actually wings.

Team Eagles… the four who went to the game.

The send-off team. Go Eagles!


Photos from the Homefront

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Here’s some recent photos to let you “see” some of what is going on at the homefront.


This first photo shows Al in his doo-rag and may help people understand why he looked menacing to folks on the street!


Here is Al with a friend from church, Ron, who had brain surgery a month before Al. They’re sporting their matching black eyes, bruising, and scars. Ron’s wife Roberta reminded us that God has promised to heal Ron and Al. We don’t know yet whether he will do that on this side of the grave or the other, but the healing is absolutely guaranteed.


This is a shot of “our family,” including Andy (who lives with Alasdair and Lauren) and Melissa (who lives with Becky). It’s fun to be a family of 9. When we’re counting heads for a sizeable gathering we always start by saying “the nine of us” and then list whoever else is coming. Here are the names of people in the picture– back row from left to right: Lauren, Alasdair, Eowyn, Al, Rebeckah; front row left to right: Andy, Alden, Libbie, Melissa.


Looking Good!

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Here’s a photo of Al on Friday night (with his “turban” removed).

This picture of Al’s face shows how much better he looks today (Saturday).

This photo shows his (43) staples (it looks like a giant zipper).
Frankenstein, eat your heart out!


Friday Photos

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The swelling, fluids, etc. from Al’s wound site have (predictably) drained down into Al’s eye area and given him a real shiner. Libbie thinks that between the shiner and the turban he looks pretty tough and mean, like a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with!


Alden came home from camp with a black eye, so here’s a picture of the two of them as a matched set. Alden’s bruise is starting to fade and may not show up very well in the photo… but it’s still a great father/son photo op! Like father, like son (or should that be like son, like father, since Alden had his black eye first!)


Al reported that the doctor removed the turban and there are lots of staples to see. He told Libbie to bring the camera, so we may get a look at some of those photos later!

Post-Op Photos

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Here’s some photos from the first night after surgery. What a blessing to see these smiling faces.




Photos are worth MORE than a thousand words!!

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Libbie passes on these photos from prior to surgery (with promises of more to come).




Photos from Zapped

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Two photos from the Gamma Knife procedure–the harness is screwed onto my head. It’s a pretty amazing thing, though screwing it on had its drawbacks…




The Two of Us

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A photo of Libbie with some old guy taken at the Edgar home after Peter Enns’ inauguration as Professor of Old Testament on March 15.

Al & Libbie


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Evidence of God’s love through his people: we needed a wheelchair, and
suddenly we had four of them!

Groves Family Wheelchair Portrait

See additional photos (Al’s poor feet!) which have been added to a previous blog post here.


Reactions to treatment

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Dear family and friends,
Libbie writing this time—
It’s been a little while since we sent you an update, so I thought I’d fill you all in.

The short version is: this past week Al has had severe reactions to the targeted molecular therapy drug he’s taking (not the chemo, ironically), so the doctor wants him to stop taking it for a few days or however long it takes to let the reaction pass and then start up again and see if the symptoms recur. Hopefully this means he’ll be feeling markedly better in a few days. Please pray that this break from the medication will improve his pain and ability to function.

The long version, for those of you who are interested in more detail, follows. Read the rest of this entry »