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The Hebrew Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (HALOT) is on-line! This important scholarly dictionary of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic has been the primary authority for the Westminster Hebrew Morphology since the 1990s. It is still available in a two-volume hardback set for US$353 from the publisher (Brill), but the on-line version is free.

The Job fascicle of Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ) is scheduled for release on 30 March 2024, according to the German Bible Society. It has been several years that the Job fascicle of BHQ has been estimated to be a year away from release, but it is now available for preorder from the German Bible Society.

n order to write an essay on biblical studies and properly format it, you must follow the standards that can be found in the reference book, but you can order an essay for the correct design of the work.The Second Volume of the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew Revised (DCHR) Has Been Released

The third volume (Zayin-Tet) in the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew Revised (DCHR), edited by the late Dr. David J. A. Clines, is scheduled to be released by the end of 2023.  The original Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (DCH) and the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew Revised (DCHR) volumes (1 and 2) have been very helpful in our work for the last several years on the Westminster Hebrew Morphology (WHM).

The scholar David J. A. Clines, co-founder of Sheffield Phoenix Press and editor of the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, has died at age 84.  Here is a short academic obituary.